December 20, 2020

rental business ideas in nigeria

There are over 100s of items you can start renting along side your rental business and begin to make cool money. Meeting reputable sellers who would sell at a reasonable price and at its best quality is an essential target. If you are not yet sure of what niche to delve into, you can reach out to me through the comments section. In this post, I will show you the 9 Steps to Start a Rental Business in Nigeria. Read Also: How To Start Event Planning In Nigeria, Hall Rental: This niche is very lucrative because especially during weekends, you are sure of someone renting your hall. Home » Abuja » Business » Event Services » Event Managers » Party Rental Services. Let’s not even talk about the ones we consume in our homes, in restaurants and eateries. Weddings always take place on Saturdays and Sundays, so you are sure of making additional income on weekends. 20 Best Work from Home Business Ideas in Nigeria. Will I fail? Network with other business professionals in the community and also take out advertisements in the newspaper or other publications that may be read by clients Distribute your business cards to other business owners, friends and other acquaintances. Home business ideas are NOT always low-cost ideas. How Much Does it Cost to Start a Poultry Farm in Nigeria? Besides the chairs and tables, you can also offer other services like supplying of ice and drinks. Party supplies rental. Rental event service is a great business to partake in as it is very lucrative if well managed and properly done. Digital Marketing Skill Institute has put together lucrative business ideas in Nigeria with small start-up capital, as well as a rundown of some low-cost digital business ideas in Nigeria. Here, we will cover the feasibility study of rental business in Nigeria, steps and tools needed to get started. It may be called something else in other part of the world. This is the reason going into a rental business is a good business idea in Nigeria. Party Rental Services. Promote your real estate business with content like blogs, videos, or podcasts geared to a particular neighborhood, market niche or audience. In fact, most people start this business from home. You have to do a thorough research and feasibility study in this aspect as it is important in knowing what is obtainable in your vicinity in order not to be at a loss or not make reasonable profits. Keeping in mind that this price is for those paying cash. Other items you can rent along side your rental business include: Table and chair, catering equipment, video camera, mobile toilet, generator, wedding gown. You would not bother about maintenance cost. This means that it doesn’t go out of fashion. The business plan helps you to properly shape your business. Though expensive. Create signs to put up in parks and fliers to distribute. The best thing about the party rental business is that it is a part-time kind of job while still in a full-time employment and you can also get your family involved too. tastefully finished 4 bedroom semi-detached house with large living room, formal dining room, spacious bedrooms with bathtub and shower, fitted kitchen with custom cabinetry with ample parking space on large grounds in banana island lagos nigeria. RENTAL BUSINESS: This has mushroomed into an attractive new business opportunity. PATILAD musical equipment rentals company, has been around for 5years, rendering service to clients, they are normally event hosts of major annual conferences, musical concerts, carnivals, fairs and likes. Back to top. Here is a List of 42 Profitable Small Business Ideas in Nigeria 1. It would be bad for business if you do not do a proper feasibility study. 4. Air Conditioning Rental Business. Read Also: How To Start Event Decoration Business In Nigeria. Overhead includes utilities, labor costs, rents, supplies, vehicles, fuel and insurance. In fact, MOST home business ideas … If you think that you are a great cook, you can start a restaurant business. Farmers in Nigeria is showing a lot of interest in a more mechanized form of farming. Select where to purchase your start up materials. Because you only pay the rental fee and that’s all. The TVS, Paggio and Bajaj are some of the most popular Keke brands in Nigeria. Once you know how to start a party rental business, though, it won’t be long before the dream of quitting your current job can become a reality. 1. People like to borrow, do-it-yourself rent professional equipment. Because many people do celebrate, organize and host functions ranging from conferences, meetings, burials, wedding receptions, naming ceremonies etc. No heavy cost that would eat into your pocket. Do not let your kids attend these calls. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. It is necessary that you make basic plans before starting any business. It doesn’t matter if you are a government worker with an 8am-4pm job or if you have a 9-7 job, there is bound to be one business idea in this post that will work for you. Plot 1497, Cadastral Zone B06, After Tobix Event Centre, Before Next Cash n' Carry, Garki, Abuja FCT Nigeria. It may interest you to know that despite the hard times, the economic situation of a country, people still find ways to host occasions. In all these, they all need chairs, tables and canopies. Not to worry, in this article I will be sharing with you the necessary steps needed to start this business.Celebration is one of the things that bring people together whether it’s a birthday party, we Every business that does not have a business plan would surely face some challenges which cannot be curtailed, every business has its plan, how to run it, how to make profits, cost of start up and future projections for the business. This should be contained in your business plan for the business. Many people start party businesses out of the home and may simply rent equipment. Besides, some people need a quick time job, so they make use of this opportunity and do their jobs and make their gains. Our aim is to provide daily living guide for Nigerians and her friends. Now ask yourself, why do people rent things like, cars, halls, tables, chairs etc? 4 bedroom semi-detached house for lease in banana island lagos nigeria. It is only after you are established and have started making a good profit that you should consider taking it up as a full time job. It is a business that grows steady and brings income on a weekly basis. Combine real estate business ideas Your email address will not be published. You will be required to do a lot in the area of cooking very great meals. Checkout business ideas for ladies in Nigeria that are not limited only to those that can be performed from home. For example, a wedding gown; no one does a wedding twice. It is also important for you to compare notes with other competitors around you. Raise the necessary capital and purchase or lease your equipment. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. It is a set-it-up-and-lean-back kind of business. ALSO READ Guide on How to start a … Preferred rental related products I use: Magic Eraser (36 … This is if you will be providing tables and chairs or inflatables. Read more… Terms of Use. Running a party rental business is highly profitable. Party rental business is a source of income. Here is the list of profitable low-cost leasing and renting business ideas and opportunities with low capital investment: 1. Most people don’t throw out parties all that frequently. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-9755093768544960"; Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox. Filed in Business Idea, Business in Nigeria, Business Plan, Business Research, How to Grow Business, Top Ideas, WorkfromHome by BusinessHAB on August 7, 2020 • 0 Comments 22 Tips to Run a Successful Online Hair Extension Shop in Nigeria Follow the corresponding links to get further details about any suggested business idea on this list. Your email address will not be published. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-9755093768544960"; google_ad_slot = "9979770738"; It helps to inform customers of your offer; it changes people’s perception of your business and makes you stand out from your competitor. 1 Doxa Digital. Business In Nigeria. In fact, most families organize parties three times or less per year. Home business ideas in Nigeria are not always low-cost ideas as you may have believed. Set up your location so that potential customers can visit your space and take a look at the types of chairs and tables they can rent from you. Other items you can rent along side your rental business include: Table and chair, catering equipment, video camera, mobile toilet, generator, wedding gown. All rights reserved. You can definitely get help from other family members who are mature enough to deal with clients, however. Be it birthday party, graduation, award ceremony, engagement to wedding ceremonies, meetings, conferences, family reunions among others. It is a business that can get one connected. google_ad_slot = "8444795376"; Anywhere you go in Nigeria, there is always one celebration or occasion going on and in a largely populated country like Nigeria, one can only imagine the profit that can be made from doing a rental service business. You can purchase or lease garage space or a store-front to hold the tables and chairs you purchase. You cannot get involved in all of them at once. Decide whether you want to purchase round, square or rectangular tables and whether you want the chairs with padding or not. 7. Create your own financial empire using ideas from our post. You may need to connect with lots of events planners so that any equipment you have for rent gets busy every week. Most businesses have actually doubled their monthly income within the first five years of their establishment. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that there are no low-cost business ideas that can start from home. Advertising both offline and online bring the needed traffic to your business. START UPS: Steps to take to protect your intellectual property (IP)? Going into a rental business may not be a bad idea as people organize ceremonies every now and then. In Nigeria, the restaurant business have always been on the rise. Since purchasing tables and chairs is costly, it is not wise for the organisers to purchase that numbers of chairs – hence, the boarding will fall on the event planners to source for enough chairs and tables from rental facilities. See low-cost digital business ideas. A lot of businesses do spring up in Nigeria, both small scale, medium scale and large scale. Here are 20 lucrative business ideas one can look into if interested in investing in Abuja in no particular order: 1.Hair salon/barber shop. Car Rental: Many individuals who don’t have the luxury of getting a new car or maintaining one prefer to rent one. Come join me as I grow this event rental business from a small baby business to something real! More info. Agriculture: This is the upcoming revolutionary sector in Nigeria where they’re now being made. Meet commercial laundries if you anticipate having to wash high volumes of tablecloths and napkins. This will give you the option to become an event planner later during your business career. If you do not have a stable rental fee, it would be hard for you to make a future projection for your business. If you already have a decent job, you are recommended to start your party rental business as a part-time business. Online Advertising Agency. Are you ready to ask yourself question on how to improve on existing business? Are you thinking of starting a party rental business but don’t know how to go about it? Industry: Rentals services . You can purchase a brand new unit for about 500,000 naira - 800,000 naira. The scope for growth is virtually unlimited – you can get it as big as you want it to be. All these need to be detailed to help the business as a map to a greater end. Here we have compiled 42 business ideas with low investment in Nigeria to explore. So as a young entrepreneur looking for a small scale business to invest in, rental business is that profitable enterprise to consider. Also you may not be able to keep track of your activities in the business due to diversifying interests and attention. In fact, big rental companies could make millions every month. It is one business that generates steady passive income. Take into account every of your cost when figuring out the rates you will charge. This is really important when starting a business. recovering your capital and making additional profit. Related: How to start a real estate business. All this are very tiring in the long run. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Here are 10 rental business ideas with huge potential: Top 10 Lucrative Rental Small Business Ideas & Opportunities. Read Also: How To Start Event Management Business In Nigeria. Car Rental Business; Cars all over the world isn’t a luxury but a necessity. Vehicle rentals exist because there’s a real, constant and stable need for them. A lot of businesses do spring up in Nigeria, both small scale, medium scale and large scale. As I said earlier, all the business ideas in Nigeria today that I will list below are not new. The following paragraphs will enlighten you about the things you need to do when starting a party equipment rental service in Nigeria. Advertising provides basic information of your business; it increases sales as potential customers get to know your product and services. Chairs and tables rentals are an essential aspect of the party or social gathering. Top Profitable Business Ideas You can start in Nigeria In 2020 – The year 2020 is a historic year as marked the beginning of a new decade, a new beginning comes with new opportunities and from my experience in business trends in Nigeria opportunities are unlimited.. in this article, I am going to explore possible profitable business ideas to watch out for in 2020: Parties are big deals in Nigeria, needless to say, the sequel to this, rental services has become a lucrative business in Nigeria today. The air conditioning rental business is providing air conditioning facilities to the clients by installing the required air conditioning machine on rent. Business Ideas in Nigeria – Are you ready? there are others ways of advertising like; distributing of hand-bill, placing of banner in a strategic area for people to see, radio announcement. Things to consider when doing your research include demographics, other party rental businesses in the area, the specific location in which you intend to open your business and any licensing requirements. What are the consequences of copyright infringement? • Why people must rent • 7 reasons why rental business is the most profitable. One thing to note is that the business is not an overnight millionaire business or a get rich quick scheme. Abuja Party Rental Services Providers. etc, is your business news information website. Because this helps you carve your name and business into the minds of individuals and customers. There are various costs involved in maintaining most of these properties if you purchase them. Take for instance getting a new wedding gown for about 70,000-250,000naira, or building a hall for your event at a whooping cost of over #1.5million. The gathering of people for different reasons or purpose is known as a “Party” or “Socializing”. Because there is nothing new under the sun today, therefore you should be thinking on how to innovate new idea of marketing or improving on the existing business. That is why you have to take note of how much you spent in starting up the business, so you can weigh it side by side with your income. parties are being organized almost every weekends. Chairs, Tables and Canopy Rental: This is actually the best niche for me as this is more lucrative and brings more money almost every other week. Rental business involves leasing out plastic tables and chairs, at an agreed fee, to people organizing ceremonies. So in case you have many people running the same business with you, your unique style, concept, and customer service would make you preferable to others. XIAOMI Redmi Note 8 Price in Nigeria; Full Specs, Design, Review, Buying Guide And Where To Buy, 7 Effects of Government Bureaucracy On Business Performance And Survival In Nigeria, Tecno Camon 15 Pro Price In Nigeria; Full Specs, Design, Review, Buying Guide and Where To Buy. Businesses sometimes want a vehicle to convey guests; wedding attendees might prefer to travel in a van that’s headed straight for their specific destination, and sports teams would pick a bus that’ll go the distance and keep their team talks and banter uninterrupted by outsiders. 35 Profitable Rental Business Ideas. 0803 599 3233, 0806 543 3937, 0805 722 1581. It serves as a supplement or a booster to your income. All of them are effective with it’s own profits and losses. Table and chair rental services also afford you to run the business at very low cost. Hi,am into RENTAL AND SERVICES .i.e we construct it to your taste with different sizes and shapes.RENTALS is very very profitable because you make money every week,every day and every month.To be sincere with you all those rich-men also involve in this very business.For further in information you can call me on 08034129119 or mail me at 1. Going into more than one or two of these could lead your customers to confusion and increase work load for you. However to succeed in the business there are major steps you will need to follow and these include the following: Investigate whether a party rental business is suitable for the area in which you live and intend to operate your business. Just like all of the businesses, Rental Business is a good and viable business which can be done in Nigeria on a small, medium and large scale. It all depends on how much hard work and serious effort you put into it. Finally, this is important after fulfilling all the necessary i.e. Event planners have to secure for enough tables and chairs to accommodate the number of guests being invited for the occasion. The business presents you with the opportunity of being your own boss. Do you know there are massive wealth in rental business? Create a business plan. Therefore, In no particular order, I present to you the top 25 hot business ideas in Nigeria that works. Imagine having online booking of services, home delivery of equipments ordered and special discounts; all these and many more would attract more customers to you. Starting a party rental business may be for you if you want low overhead costs. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. As this helps to make people know you and your services. If timeless searching for job tires you, try to find an additional source of income during your maternity leave or need to work from home, we are glad to inform you that our post is written exactly for you. Here we publish several helpful articles in various categories, such as how-to articles, where to find things, resources, business, interviews and reviews. It will also help you if you want to secure a loan as the bank or lender will need it to evaluate your business. The start-up budget to establish a party rental business will depend upon the type of rental services you are offering. Now if we may look at “Why would you prefer renting?”. Photo/Video Equipment Rental: The cost of getting a new digital camera is outrageously high but you can get a camera for rent at a low price. Passive income means that the business continues to generate income for the business owner with no other capital input after the initial capital. Assess rental fees by the number of chairs and tables rented and the number of hours an individual or group reserves them. Either to attend a wedding, Business proposal or just to impress people. That's not an option! Try to get your start up materials at the best rate. google_ad_height = 600; Godspower Ugadu is an Economist an a Content Developer at, 9 Steps to Start a Rental Business in Nigeria, How To Make Money From Bolt As A Driver; Bolt Car Requirements In Nigeria, How To Get Approved Easily And Tips To Make Money From It, 10 best investment ideas for retirement in Nigeria, How to Make Money Online in Nigeria as a Student. Uniqueness makes one stand out in the crowd. It may also be beneficial to buy at least one big van, if you can afford it. The following are some of the quick business ideas in Nigeria; (You can click on any of them that we have written about before to learn more) Business Ideas You Can Consider in Nigeria are; Poultry farming business; Cassava planting and processing business; Transportation business; Importing and selling used clothes; Cattle farming business Just go to a party on any Saturday and you’ll see just how much poultry meat is consumed in these parties every week. So if you are an aspiring entrepreneur, you can start a table and chair rental business and offer your services to local event planners. Read Also: How to Start Musical Instrument Rental Business in Nigeria, 6. You can rent from halls to canopies to sound system and there are lots of business ideas related parties. Draw out a projection of how you intend to recover your capital. For every business to start, you need to get materials, it is also essential to note that the cost of these materials and their quality is of utmost importance. This post will  guide you on how to start a rental business in Nigeria. After which you will need to raise capital and get the location (which can be your house in this case) needed to start up the business. Any action taken as a result of information, analysis, or advertisement on this site is ultimately the responsibility of the reader. You have to select a particular area and focus on it. Besides the chairs and tables, you can also offer other services like supplying of ice and drinks. Weddings always occur on Saturdays and Sundays or other programs or conference meetings. All of them are effective with it’s own profits and losses. Since you are already a reputable party rental company, you will not have much difficulty finding clients to ask you to manage their event for them. Recommended Hot Business Ideas For Beginners 1. Small Scale Business Ideas In Nigeria (Summary) You can start any of the 61 lists of small scale business ideas in Nigeria with low capital and still scale it up into a big business that moves fast. This Business can also be run from the comfort of your home and it does not affect your main job in any way if you have another job. We provide business ideas for brilliant minds, © 2018 Here are hot lucrative business ideas in Nigeria with small start-up capital. They are: See Also: 25+ Lucrative Mining Business Ideas And Opportunities in Nigeria . Once you are an established name in the party rental business, you can further expand your business by offering other party-related services such as special photography, organising a wedding event, or planning a church social. Poultry farming is one of the best and most lucrative business ideas in Nigeria right now.

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